Welcome to the virtual tour of Middlewood Trust

This tour lets you look around Middlewood online through a series of panoramic photographs.

It is quite simple to use, and you can learn how by hovering the mouse over different parts of the screen. This will bring up 'tooltip' boxes telling you how to use each area of the screen. When you have finished reading each tooltip, you can close it by clicking on the blue underlined link in the bottom right corner.

You may want to go to 'Setup' first to configure the tour. This will let you select smaller pictures if you have a slow (modem) internet connection, or larger pictures if you have a fast (broadband) connection and a good computer. Otherwise click on 'Tour' to start exploring Middlewood - have fun.

The tour has been developed using Mozilla Firefox as a browser, and will work best using that; however it has been tested in Internet Explorer, and should also work with other standards compliant browsers.

Please wait while the image loads...

If it doesn't load, you are probably either using a browser that doesn't support the javascript functions this page needs, or else you have javascript turned off. This page has been tested under the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox (1.0+), Internet Explorer (6.0+), Safari (Mac OS X). If you are not running one of these browsers, you may need to change or upgrade your browser to view this page.


Viewport size:

This sets the height of the window you see the panorama in. A bigger size will take longer to download, and be less responsive in scrolling on an old computer, so adjust this to suit your setup. Modem users are recommended to use the 100 or 140 pixel settings. If you have a decent sized screen and a fast computer, try increasing the size to 400 pixels high.

Frame Rate:

This affects how smoothly the panorama scrolls. Higher values are smoother if your machine can cope with it, but use more CPU, so if you're using a slower machine (less than 1 GHz) try a lower value. If the scrolling is jerky, you can try increasing the frame rate. If it is unresponsive (moving the mouse doesn't affect the scrolling immediately), try decreasing it.

Click here to show all the tooltips (the little help boxes that come up when you hover over something) again.

Record mouse clicks:

This is only used during development.
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